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Outer Rim #73: La La Star Wars Land

The full crew is back on The Outer Rim! Chris, Mike, and Lindsey have a discussion on the news that “Star Wars Land” is coming to both Disney parks in 2019 as well as what to expect from it, and also talk about Felicity Jones’ autograph pricing at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. A new Marvel comic book crossover, Force Friday, and the removal of The Clone Wars from Netflix round out the headlines, so join us for all this and more on this week’s episode!

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Outer Rim #72: Han’s First Shot

News is a little light on this week’s episode of The Outer Rim. The Han Solo movie did begin filming (though Chris still isn’t very excited for it), and the Special Editions turn 20, so Chris & Mike discuss these things and a few other news items, and also read some feedback from listener, Ahron!

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Outer Rim #71: The Force Is With Us

The “official” revamp of The Outer Rim is here, now focusing on all the news from your favorite galaxy far, far away! Join hosts Chris McGuffin, Lindsey Cepak, and Mike Templeton as they discuss all the latest Star Wars news and happenings. This week, find out why Chris isn’t too thrilled about The Last Jedi as a title, some info on upcoming Rogue One books, the relaunch of Her Universe, plus more!

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Crash Couch #5: Safe and Doors & Corners

Season 2 of The Expanse has finally arrived, and we’re here to break it all down for you! Join Chris, Erik, and Lou as they discuss the double-episode premiere, “Safe” and “Doors & Corners!” Each week on our Twitter, we will be livetweeting the newest episode of The Expanse as it airs (10pm ET on SyFy), so join the conversation at @CrashCouch!

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Outer Rim #70: Chattin’ With Jaxxon

Welcome to the latest Star Wars podcast on the RandomChatter Network! For the time being, you can call us ForceChatter! Each week, hosts Chris McGuffin, Lindsey Cepak, and Mike Templeton will be providing insightful, diverse, and engaging discussion on the latest news from everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away! On our debut episode, we talk about the Woody Harrelson casting for the upcoming Han Solo film, the future of Leia Organa without Carrie Fisher, some teases from Rian Johnson regarding Episode VIII, plus much more! Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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Crash Couch #4: Critical Mass and Leviathan Wakes

As the premiere of season 2 of The Expanse is only a couple of short days away, we round out our discussion of season 1 with a look at “Critical Mass” and “Leviathan Wakes!” Season 2 begins airing on Wednesday, February 1st at 10pm ET on SyFy with a 2-hour doubleheader of episodes. Follow along with our live tweet at @CrashCouch and then look for a new episode of the podcast Thursday morning!

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Crash Couch #2: Remember the Cant, CQB, and Back to the Butcher

The Season 2 premiere of The Expanse is only a week away now, so catch up on the first season with us at The Crash Couch! This time, Chris and Lou discuss episodes 3-5 of the show, “Remember the Cant,” “CQB,” and “Back to the Butcher!”

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ChordCast #6: The Rump Shaker Strikes Back

Joelle & Chris are reunited at last for the final episode of 2016! Erik Blythe joins us this time for a discussion on holiday music (featuring one of his famous rants). The trio also reveal their 2016 awards. What was the best album of the year? Or the most disappointing? Find this out and more on the latest edition of The ChordCast!

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MUSIC REVIEW: “Endless” – Soviet Soviet

Post-punk in the modern age is a really difficult genre to pull off. You can either sound too much like one of the classic bands like Joy Division, or you simply rip off one of the modern successors like Interpol. The trick is to find yourself somewhere in the middle of that, which is exactly what Italian band Soviet Soviet set out to do with their second full-length release, Endless.

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ChordCast #4: All Rush, All The Time

On this episode of The ChordCast, Lou Secki fills in for Joelle to talk about some of his musical preferences and experiences, and also discuss the Starset concert he and Chris saw in October during their trip to New York City! And don’t worry, there IS a horse reference in the episode!

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