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Chasing Fandom #3: Begun, the Style Wars, Have

It’s a Chasing Fandom first for this episode: there are two guests! Chris talks to Savanna Kiefer (from The Dorky Diva) and Jenmarie (from Anakin & His Angel) about a wealth of topics, from Star Wars, to geek fashion, the role of women in fandom, and their upcoming collaboration together, Style Wars (premiering on April 4th)!

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RCN Star Wars Celebration Events

The RandomChatter Network will be at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, FL, which runs from April 13-16, 2017! Here is a list of events that we will be attending or involved in, so if you want to meet and hang out with us, feel free to show up!

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Outer Rim #78: Space Rabbits

More news continues to come out about Star Wars Celebration as we get closer to the event! Gareth Edwards also clarifies some Rogue One deleted scenes talk, the new Star Wars park at Disney gets a sneak peak, and expect to see more movies featuring new characters in the future! The gang reunites on this week’s episode of The Outer Rim!

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Outer Rim #77: A Familiar Face Returns

Mike & Lindsey are joined this week by former host of The Outer Rim, Lou Secki, to discuss the latest Star Wars news! There’s more Celebration announcements, footage for The Last Jedi gets shown behind-closed-doors, and a new Vader comic is coming!

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Chasing Fandom #2: Logan & The Future of Comic Book Movies

On this episode of Chasing Fandom, Chris is joined by his very good friend, Ryan Brown, for a discussion on the movie Logan, as well as what kind of influence, if any, it can have on the future of comic book & superhero films!

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Outer Rim #75: An Anniversary at Celebration

On this week’s episode of The Outer Rim, Star Wars will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with a special opening panel at Celebration Orlando. Meanwhile, Rogue One is coming to DVD & Blu-ray, and is the original trilogy finally getting an HD release in its unaltered state?

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Chasing Fandom #1: The Bigmouths Strike Back

Chasing Fandom officially kicks off with its first guest, the one and only Paul Hermann! He and Chris first talk a little about The Smiths and listening to music on vinyl, which eventually leads to a fascinating discussion on comic books and why Paul is (mostly) leaving physical books behind in exchange for digital, and then finally an examination on the state of Star Wars fandom & community. This is a debut that you will not want to miss!

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Chasing Fandom #0: The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth

There is another new addition to the RandomChatter family, and this time it’s called Chasing Fandom! Join your host Chris McGuffin as he talks to different people from a wide variety of fandoms within entertainment and pop culture! Each episode will feature a different guest (or guests) who will be there to discuss a particular topic, an event or website they are involved in/promoting, or just to geek out with Chris! All fandoms and fans are welcome, so if you would like to contact Chris about potentially being on the show, you can contact him using or on Twitter, @thecurseofchris!

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Crash Couch #8: Home

Detective Miller discovers what “home” is in this week’s episode of The Expanse, and we’re here to talk about it on The Crash Couch! Be warned: there are major spoilers in this episode, so if you’ve not seen “Home” yet, you’ll want to stay away until you do.

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Outer Rim #74: Here’s to the Real Winner

We’ve got a lengthy episode of The Outer Rim for you this week! The trio discuss the announcement of The Last Jedi panel coming to Celebration, as well as the official return of Force Friday. Meanwhile, John Williams wins another Grammy for Star Wars, we have a new R2-D2, there is a new novel coming out in the summer, and is Rebels ending with *gasp* Star Wars: Underworld taking its place? Plus, Chris talks to Patreon donor Kyle about collecting Star Wars autographs, his reaction to Felicity Jones coming to Celebration Orlando, and what to expect from the convention in April! You don’t want to miss this one!

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