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RC Bonusode – James Rollins Returns

New York Times Best Selling Author James Rollins returns to RandomChatter! We talk about his new book, Unrestricted Access, and more. Unrestricted access releases on September 29th!

Note that this special was released to Patreon Bonus and Premium Members before being released publicly.

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TB 40: Holden: The Lost Leviathan

We’re back for our 40th episode! The Tightbeam Crew breaks down all The Expanse news from the last few months, including the reveals for Book 9, Leviathan Falls, the upcoming Expanse comic series, and Dominique Tipper & Steven Strait rewatching some of their scenes for TVGuide’s Top 100 Shows!

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GMCU #115: Profiling Characters

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! Brie Larson turns down the part of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel gets not one but two directors, Sony announces a live-action Marvel series, and the Guardians do their first character profile. All this and more on Guardians of the MCU!

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GMCU 110: OK, Sony

Welcome back Marvel Maniacs! This week Tim and Jon discuss the announcement of a director for Captain Marvel 2, a farewell to Agents of SHIELD, talk of X-Men in various formats, and another rumor for the very abundant Dr. Strange 2. All here on Guardians of the MCU!

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