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Fangirl Confessional #11: The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of John Legend

Andrea, Lizzie, and Shannon take the stage to discuss their favorite musical films, comparing Chicago to Iron Man, going in on La La Land, and wrestling with the problematic nature of older musical films.

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April and Jay Have No Ides #32: Turd Burglar

This week, April and Jay spoil Iron Fist Season 2, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Castle Rock. April does a new segment on fun tweets, and gives her fanfic pick. Jay and April also give a lot of awkward silences as well.

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April and Jay Have No Ides #30: Accidental Salmon

This week, April and Jay get personal and answer some questions. We learn how they REALLY feel about each other and Jay gets irrationally mad at April. A new segment is introduced and Jay’s wife laughs in the background.

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April and Jay Have No Ides #28: Charles Entertainment Cheese

This week April and Jay talk firsts and pornography. Yes, you read that right. Jay gave some products and April gave her fanfic pic and Jay found out something new about April much to his delight.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #13: Doodads, Ugly Stuff, and Fancy Things

This week April and Jay discuss Harry Potter, and it’s everything and nothing that April thought it would be. Jay gives a very odd PSA, April apologizes for being gross and gives her fanfic pick. Finally, April and Jay present a battle royal of weird with Craigslist and Amazon reviews.

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