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RandomChatter #212: Lots of 2’s

This week Lizzie Tim and Lou cover the week’s entertainment including the Hulk Hogan biopic, Spielberg trying to keep Netflix out of the Academy awards, and the return of Agents of Shield. While the RRS segment covers lots of 2’s. Aquaman 2, A Quiet Place 2, Space Jam 2 and a new Scooby Doo movie.

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The Tightbeam #22: Back in Orbit

We’re back! Andrea and Shannon are joined by Fred as they recap the last few months of Expanse-related news both big and small, including the worldwide launch on Prime Video, Season 4 casting, the RPG game, and what to expect from the Tightbeam until The Expanse returns!

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April and Jay Have No Ideas Episode #42: Ducking Shotty Autocorrect

This week, April and Jay discuss a lot of news items, a story about a listener in the shower is relayed, they still don’t know how to replace the fanfic pick, and April saves it with a fun segment at the end

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Guardians of the MCU #33: Trailers!

The Guardians are back! We talk predictions for the Captain Marvel release, the MCU with Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise as Wolverine, and we cover MCU trailers released during the Super Bowl! (some weird audio issues on this one… sorry folks!)

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