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Guardians of the MCU #5: Improvements in MCU Representation

Liz and Tim talk about the unstoppable Infinity War box office, the newly released second season of Luke Cage and Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger, Spiderman news, an update on Disney’s bid for Fox, and some great news items on representation in the MCU. We also talk about some speculations in contact status for many of our favorite MCU actors.

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Guardians of the MCU #2: No Shield, No Shawarma

Liz, Jon, and Tim are back and talk about Infinity War. Well, they try to, but there is so much! So really the start to talk about it. It’s just the beginning!

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Welcome to Guardians of the MCU!

Tim, Liz, and Jon host RandomChatter’s newest show: Guardians of the MCU. Our hosts introduce themselves and the show, then talk about some MCU news, their excitement for Infinity War, and rank their top three MCU films. Listen to this, then go see Infinity War!

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