We take a break from movie coverage in this episode to discuss the death of a famous director and a very important, controversial discussion that has arisen as a result.

People are finally being held accountable for their abusive behavior toward others, and this has been very prominent within the entertainment industry over the past year. Entertainers and industry leaders have lost their jobs and had projects canceled after allegations of misconduct. In some cases, judges will decide (and have decided) whether these people will face jail time.

As for us, many consumers have stopped supporting projects done by these people. We either don’t feel comfortable consuming media containing content by these individuals, we want to make a statement in boycotting them, or both.

But what about content that, until recently, had been widely praised by fans and critics alike, that we’ve been fans of for years? Do we stop watching it? What about projects involving hundreds of other professionals with only a small bit-part by an individual in question?

In this episode, we have a very frank discussion about our feelings towards quality content, the strong stance we often want to take against abusers, and the conflict sometimes present in separating the content from the celebrity.

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