MovieChatter #182: A Quiet Place

Welcome to our series on “horror films for people who hate horror films!” This week we take a look at A Quiet Place, directed by its lead actor, John Krasinski, and co-starring his wife Emily Blunt.

Outer Rim #95: Andrea Strikes Back

We continue our coverage with what is considered by many to be the best film in the saga—The Empire Strikes Back!

RandomChatter Interviews #2.4: The Wonderful Thing About Lizzie

Lizzie joins us for her season two interview to talk about her journey in the past year, her own rebranding, and a new show she’s bringing to the network!

MovieChatter #181: Fall Movie Preview

This week we take a look at the upcoming movies being released throughout the rest of 2018.

MovieChatter 180: The Musical

Erik and Lou “suffer” through Robin’s suggestion of “The Greatest Showman,” as they talk musicals in general and what makes a good musical.

RandomChatter #195: Fall Movie Draft

Here we go again. Listen in as Andrea hosts the Fall 2018 Movie Draft. As usual the gangs gets a little rowdy but a good time was had by all.

Echo Base #159: Who is Bail Antilles

This week Tom joins Tim and Lou to talk about Dragon Con and the Star Wars events which took place there. Make sure you listen to the end to find why we named this Episode what we did.

RandomChatter #193: Disney Play

Listen in as Lizzie, Lou and Tim discuss the where the new Disney streaming services fits into the streaming world. This and other news about Bond 25, the upcoming Borne TV series, Apple’s Foundation Series and others.

RandomChatter #192: Movie Pass Boondoggle

Join Tim, Lizzie and Lou as they talk about everything from Crazy Rich Asians to the situation as MoviePass.

Outer Rim #94: Glimpses of Resistance

This week we take a look at the upcoming animated series, Star Wars Resistance!

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