This is not an objective review.  This is the opinion of a 15 year old kid who thought ID4 was the greatest thing since Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  So take everything I say with a grain of salt. 😉  While not as good as the original, the sequel is a magical walk down nostalgia lane.  I spent 16 years wondering what happened next, what humanity did with the alien technology, how society would change, and how they would fight the next one; and I finally got my answer.  The most interesting thing about the movie is seeing how society has fundamentally changed with the inclusion of alien technology, and in the aftermath of such a devastating and colossal loss of life.

Unfortunately Will Smith did not return, which is a great loss to the fun and importance of this follow up.  Pullman and Goldblum are good in their returning appearances, but unfortunately the new generation of characters just aren’t very interesting.

I’m relieved to say the alien attack happens very differently this time around.  I was worried it would be horrifically repetitive, but they’re just not going around blowing up monuments this time around.  The strategy is completely different.  And without giving away any spoilers, they also introduce a new concept that was utterly fascinating.

Independence Day








Emotional Connection





  • Nostalgia.
  • Seeing an Earth built on alien technology and preparing for an invasion.
  • A different kind of invasion this time around.
  • The new thing introduced I won't spoil.


  • The new characters.
  • No Will Smith.
  • The third act has a horrifically convenient and artificial resolution.