SHIELD: Case Files
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Where would you go at the “World’s End”?

SHIELD #422: Worlds End
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Show Notes:

Where would you go at the “World’s End”? Radcliffe is helping YoYo to convince Mack to come back with her to the real world. The real world is struggling, with Aida doing her best to destroy SHIELD to show her displeasure with Fitz. And her creation has attracted the attention of Ghost Rider. He shows up to stop her and get the Darkhold back. Once Aida sends her LMDs to a meeting with General Talbot, with the intention of getting the world to hate Inhumans, the team has to go on the run. But they may have a few surprises for Aida when she catches up with them. Jay and Josh, with Special Agent Tim, make a few deals and and practice their misdirection on the season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- Case Files.