Part 1 – For the Love of Star Wars

For quite a while I’ve had an interest in cosplaying. I’ve long admired the creativity and ability to transform into a loved or iconic character. On social media I’ve followed organizations like the 501st, Rebel Legion, and Mandolorian Mercs, along with a number of individuals who do some great cosplay.

Last year I attended Star Wars Celebration Orlando and New York ComicCon. Both were great events for so many reasons, but the biggest thrill was seeing all the incredible cosplays. While Celebration offered a huge number and variety of Star Wars cosplays, New York showcased cosplays from every fandom imaginable. While attending Celebration I talked to a lot of cosplayers about their kits. How were they made? Where did you get the materials? How comfortable is it? I quickly learned that cosplayers are very willing to share a lot of information about their passion.

I did my first cosplay ever at New York ComicCon. It was pretty simple, but iconic. Indiana Jones. I had many of the pieces (I have several fedoras, which I wear often) and only had to buy a couple of items. Credit to my buddy Jon for encouraging me to make it happen!

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Indiana Jones was a good gateway to cosplay. It was simple and easy to put together. It was also very comfortable. I was thrilled when people actually stopped me at the con and wanted to take a picture! I also got some compliments from other cosplayers, which was really cool!

While I’ve always loved Indiana Jones, the prospect of a Star Wars cosplay calls to me. But what to do? While Stormtroopers are just so damn cool and iconic, there are a ton of people cosplaying as them. I wanted something different. I’ve also heard that full armor kits can be pretty uncomfortable and restrictive, making it difficult to sit or even go to the bathroom. I simply didn’t want to deal with that.

There were other things I’ve considered… which still are all potential possibilities for the future. In the realm of troopers, I really like the tank pilot from Rogue One. Minimal armor and a cool look. As a bald guy, I thought to embrace my baldness with Lobot, or even a gender-bent Ventress. Lobot is simple enough, except for that damn head piece. Ventress is pretty complex, and I’m not sure about wearing a whole head of makeup all day.

Then I saw the promotional materials for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Hello Mud Trooper, you glorious bastard! It was love at first sight! The moment I saw the pictures, I knew it was meant to be. I became even more excited about it when I saw Solo and decided then to start assembling my cosplay for Star Wars Celebration Chicago!

The Mud Trooper Files will chronicle my cosplay journey.  I’m excited to share this new experience with everyone.  If you have any questions or comments, catch me in RandomChatter’s Discord community or on Twitter @quigontimm.