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April and Jay Have No Ideas #7: Price Gouging Time Loops and Poop Jokes

This week, April and Jay discuss time travel, (which makes April really angry), Jay gets stuck in his own time loop, and April tells some crazy stories from Amazon. April also tries to convince Jay that Toys R Us going out of business might be tragic, but his cool new Star Wars Nerf blaster says otherwise.

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RandomChatter #170: The Perfect Dad Joke

Reports indicate possible problems with Deadpool 2, trailers are released for several childhood reboots, and Toys R Us is no more. Special guest and new network host April joins Tim and Lou to discuss these topics and more on this week’s RandomChatter!

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #6: Announcement/Vegetarian Teenager


In this week’s Episode We have a very big announcement about the future of the podcast. We also have a lengthy chat about the original great Dinosaur films from our childhood Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3.

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The Tightbeam #0: Introduction

Welcome to the newest RandomChatter Network podcast, The Tightbeam! This podcast covers The Expanse, both the television series on the Syfy and Space networks, and the series of novels by James S. A. Corey.

In this first episode, we introduce the hosts and discuss what to expect from future episodes of The Tightbeam. Don’t miss the premiere of The Expanse‘s third season, coming April 11th!

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Echo Base #135: Farewell, Rebels

Special guest (and newest RandomChatter Network host) Jon joins us to discuss this week’s news and the final five episode of Star Wars Rebels. What happens to our heroes? What might their future bring? What does Tim think about Thrawn’s storyline? Listen this this week’s Echo Base to find out!

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Short Circuits #7: Pushing Us Too Far

On Tuesday, Netflix is releasing a reality special called The Push, in which an unsuspecting participant is put through a social experiment in which he’s barraged with peer pressure in an attempt to commit murder. For real (or at least, so he believes). Not surprisingly, Erik has some things to say about this.

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