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ChordCast #10: Punch Us In The Face, Chester!

In the first (or is it third?) double-digit episode of The ChordCast, Joelle & Chris take a deep dive into some controversial comments made by Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, and discuss whether or not bands can truly “sell out.” Joelle also takes one for the team and reacts live to the new track by Muse!

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Echo Base #97: Happy Anniversary, Star Wars!

On May 25th, 1977, a film called Star Wars premiered in theaters. Now 40 years later, its legacy continues to live on. Lou, Chris, and Tim reflect on how the galaxy far, far away has impacted their lives, and speculate about what the future holds.

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ChordCast #8: Maple Syrup

The ChordCast makes its triumphant return in an episode full of “bests!” Joelle describes her “best day ever,” she & Chris introduce a new segment called The Taste Test (aka “the best segment ever”), and they tease the next episode of the podcast (aka “the best interview ever”)! Plus, there’s a special guest appearance!

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Crash Couch #15: The Monster and the Rocket, and Caliban’s War

The season 2 finale of The Expanse is here, and Chris, Lou, & Erik are here to break it down for you! You won’t want to miss our thoughts on “Caliban’s War!” Also included is a discussion of last week’s episode, “The Monster and the Rocket,” since we were unable to record due to our traveling.

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Outer Rim #81: Blue Milk Buzz

We’re here at the week of Star Wars Celebration, which means that the news is bit light this week. Chris, Mike, & Lindsey talk about the just-announced anthology book, Rogue One releasing DVD/Blu-ray, and how we might actually be seeing actual footage of Carrie Fisher in Episode IX after all. They also predict what they will see come out of the convention this weekend!

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Outer Rim #80: Yeah, Buddy!

This week on The Outer Rim, Chris is joined by Ernie from The Retro Convo and Ghost Stories podcasts! In a follow-up to last week’s news that Disney wants to continue making Star Wars content for the next 15 years, the two have a discussion about a potential leak that outlines the plans for what exactly the future holds! But don’t worry, you won’t find any spoilers here!

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