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GMCU #85: Sam Raimi, Chloe Zhao, and Briana Lamb

Welcome back Guardians! This week we are joined by special guest Briana Lamb. We talk about free underwear, news from the latest Disney Earnings Call, MCU directors, and Sony rumors. Briana tells us about her work on several Marvel productions. Yeah, we’re jealous!

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GMCU #83: The Rise of MODOK

On this episode of Guardians of the MCU… we talk about early promotion of The Eternals, news for Captain Marvel 2, the importance of WandaVision, and we welcome MODOK into the fold. We also talk about some Dr. Strange and Namor rumors.

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DFTF #17: 1917

Welcome back to Dispatches from the Front! Tim and Tom are back after taking some extended leave, and we got a WARNO issued to change our orginal plans and cover 1917. After catching up a bit, the guys cover this big awards season war film. Since it is still in theaters, be aware that it’s absolutely spoiler heavy.

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