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ETD 1: Cobra Kai Season 1

On the inaugural episode of Enter the Dojo, Keri, Mike, and Shannon discuss the entire first season of Cobra Kai. They discuss the style of martial arts used in Cobra Kai and discuss and review key moments from season 1. It’s time to Enter the Dojo.

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DCT 125: I Am Peacemaker

This week on DC Talk, lots of Peacemaker reveals, Wonder Woman thoughts, Snyderverse news and Braniac Attacks!

Link to the Suicide Prevention Darkseid Shirts:

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TB 42: The One With the Trailer Breakdown

In this (surprise super-length) episode, the Tightbeam crew talks about Season 5’s hybrid release schedule, breaks down the NYCC S5 trailer and what it all means for our favorite characters, and shares listener reactions to the panel and trailer!

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ETD 0: Enter the Dojo

It’s time to Enter the Dojo! On a new podcast coming soon to the RandomChatter Network, Mike, Keri, and Shannon will discuss all things Cobra Kai and other martial arts films. More info will be coming, but enjoy the preview episode. It’s time to take of your shoes and let’s rumble.

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