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April and Jay Have No Ideas #12: For All The Bananas

So this week, April and Jay jump into the world of apocalypse movies (and some tv), Jay feels betrayed by the Walking Dead, April is scandalized by Amazon products, and both feel like maybe they should post video of the show on YouTube. As always, April gives her fanfic pic, and the show starts with something neither…

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #11: Hat Full of Ideas

This week April and Jay had ZERO ideas…until they crowd sourced, and then they had more than they could shake a stick (or hat) at. They had some serious disagreements that almost ruined their friendship (Jay has STRONG opinions on Hanna-Barbera), played nerdy “would you rather”, and April gave her fanfic pick.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #10: Fat White Sauce Bon Jovi

This week, April and Jay jump into the world of sequels. Jay has never seen Rocky(s), April is mad about Indiana Jones, and both are bad Italians. April also reads Jay’s drunken texts, and as always, gives fanfic picks no one really cares about.

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April and Jay Have No Ideas #9: Old Lady With Asthma

This week, April and Jay reboot their opening 3 times and then discuss tv and movie reboots. April gives her weekly fanfic pick, and there is an amazon review you have to hear to believe.

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