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Baby Driver, Despicable Me 3, and Cars 3

BABY DRIVER I am a massive Edgar Wright fan.  His previous movies, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, and World’s End (and the television series Spaced) are all instant classics.  I love all five of them to varying degrees.  He displays such an incredible visual eye and sense of humor.  The crazy camera angles and quick shots.  The goofy characters.  The amazing action scenes.  Anytime a new Wright movie comes out, I’m excited. I consider Baby Driver to definitely be the weakest of the five, but I still enjoyed it a great deal.  It’s a very enjoyable...

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Wonder Woman and The Mummy

WONDER WOMAN After three DC movies that met with less than resounding enthusiasm, it’s so refreshing to finally get a fun and successful movie hitting it with the public.  Now, I enjoy the first three to varying degrees.  I still think Man of Steel was the first great Superman movie just for having a proper threat.  I would have liked a little more fun, but I think the tone made sense given the context of the story, and that it did end on a note of hope.  Unfortunately that was then squandered in BVS which was just relentlessly dark. ...

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Pirates 5, Alien Covenant, and Baywatch

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES I dearly love the first two Pirates movies.  They’re great fun, a gorgeous spectacle, and actually managed to tell an interesting and complicated story.  The third one was a satisfactory ending to the trilogy, though I did think it lacked the sense of fun and was anti-climactic in a few ways.  The fourth movie was not terrible per se, but just felt utterly middle of the road in every respect. I’m pleased to report the fifth movie is not the train wreck some reviews would suggest.  It’s definitely better than...

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GOTG2, Guardians of the Whills, & Bounty Hunter Wars

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 I really loved the first GOTG movie, and this is definitely a worthy follow up.  It’s a little too soon to say whether it’s better or worse, but I would definitely say this is the funniest Marvel movie yet.  The comedy is just crammed into every moment of this movie, but it also manages some real drama and emotion at the same time.  There’s a few legitimately dark moments in between the insanity.  The entire film is a riot of color and fun, though it lack a strong central plot for a large...

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Fate of the Furious & Top Ten Summer Movies

THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS: Granted, this is an unrealistic and ridiculous franchise, but I actually really like the Fast movies.  Well, starting with the fifth one.  The series evolved from street racing into being a vast globe trotting James Bond action adventure starring a vast ensemble culled from every single previous movie.  It’s The Avengers of car racing movies!  I really liked 5 and 6, but 7 was a slight disappointment for me.  The fourth wall breaking over Paul Walker’s death really rubbed me the wrong way and the story and action scenes were just a little less...

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Thrawn Non-Spoiler Book Review & Mass Effect Andromeda

“STAR WARS: THRAWN” BY TIMOTHY ZAHN NON-SPOILER BOOK REVIEW I am a massive fan of Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire trilogy from 1991 to 1993.  In a lot of ways, those books, and novels that continued on from there, are truly what made me a Star Wars fan, more than just three movies.  Before those books, this was a dead franchise.  Timothy Zahn breathed life into Star Wars and made it a love of mine for every single year of my life since then.  The character of Thrawn was a large part of the success of those stories. ...

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Power Rangers & The Expanse (Book/Non-Spoiler) Reviews

POWER RANGERS: This isn’t a bad movie, but it’s really not what I wanted to see.  I used to watch the original Power Rangers show and obviously that campy pre-teen ridiculousness was never going to fly as a four quadrant picture.  But I firmly believe they went way too far in the opposite direction.  This movie is surprisingly dark, serious, edgy, and ‘realistic’, to the point where I just didn’t find it to be an enjoyable or ‘fun’ movie.  It’s a movie involving revenge porn, masturbating farm animals, and dealing with autism and family abuse.  Rita Repulsa spends the...

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Interview: Author/Editor Michael Ventrella, “Baker Street Irregulars”

Michael A. Ventrella writes witty adventures and edits two major anthologies: TALES OF FORTANNIS and BAKER STREET IRREGULARS (co-edited with NY Times Bestselling author Jonathan Maberry). His short stories have appeared in various collections as well. At his website’s blog ( he interviews other authors, editors, agents and publishers to get advice for the starting author. In his spare time, he is a lawyer.

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Skull Island, Logan, and the Han Solo Trilogy (Legends)

SKULL ISLAND: I really enjoyed this movie and didn’t have any problems with it.  It was a big, fun adventure with amazing spectacle.  There was a real sense of danger and tension to every action sequence.  My favorite section of old Kong movies has always been the middle chapter on Skull Island; setting the entire movie there is a great idea.  I also loved the 70s Vietnam War setting.  It really set the movie apart from being a rehash of Peter Jackson’s version.  The continuity with Godzilla 2014 was also great and I can’t wait to see where this...

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Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End (A Roundtable Review)

This week we’re jumping back into everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away to continue our RandomChatter Star Wars Round Tables. This week Derek, Keri, and Jared are discussing Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig. Read on for a discussion of our expectations, impressions and favorite quotes! What did you think of the first Aftermath novel?  How did the rest of the trilogy compare against it? JARED: I enjoyed the first Aftermath novel.  I think the biggest thing against it was, it just wasn’t what everyone was expecting so it has taken some time to get used to reading novels set...

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Lego Batman & New TV Shows

MOVIE ROUND UP: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.  I found myself grinning ear to ear through almost this entire movie.  While not as meaningful or message-heavy as The Lego Movie, as a huge fan of the comics I definitely had a great time.  There were so many deep comic references, not to mention all the other unexpected movie crossovers that were just delightful.  While “Lego Batman” is nothing like the real Batman, I really adore this version of him as a conceited douche bag, and Will Arnett is hilarious in the role.  The movie also accomplishes that rare feat of...

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Derek’s Top Ten Movies of 2016

Well, in most respects 2016 has been a horrible year… but it’s been great for movies!  Here’s my Top Ten: Rogue One: a perfect movie and a worthy entry to my most beloved franchise. Zootopia: a perfect movie. I love every single element of this film. Incredibly re-watchable. Civil War: a flawless culmination of a dozen wonderful movies. Fantastic Beasts: JK’s magic is still at work with a fascinating new story, setting, and characters. Deadpool: hilarious fun. Finding Dory: a wonderful sequel to a classic. Independence Day 2: it’s not a great movie, but really neither was the first...

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Rogue One (A Roundtable Review)

SPOILERS AHEAD! This is our round table review for Rogue One with some of our Patreon donors.   We have with us Keri, Joel, Kyle, Jared, and Derek.  What were your expectations going into the movie?  What did you expect to happen? Keri:  I’m starting to realize if I go in to a movie (especially a big one, like this) with little to no expectations, 1) I can enjoy the movie better and 2) I’m more likely to be surprised when I like the movie more than I expected to.  That said…  This is a Star Wars movie, so I...

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