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About Bond: Episode 2 – What Makes a Bond Film?

In the first episode of About Bond, I outlined the themes the defined the eras of Bond films.  That’s very big-picture, though.  In this episode, let’s look at little closer at the key elements of a Bond film. First, and absolutely foremost, is Bond himself.  Bond is suave and debonair.  Fit and mature.  It wouldn’t do for Bond to be too young, although there could be some interesting story potential for that.  The Bonds we see vary between passion and indifference, often in the same day.  Bond is smart and clever, without being cerebral.  He certainly enjoys the finer...

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About Bond: Episode 1

About Bond Episode 1: The Eras of James Bond Listeners of the Random Chatter show over the past few months know that I’m a big fan of James Bond films.  There are so many facets to Bond and it’s the most prolific film series ever created.  As rumors are spinning up for Bond25, I figured I’d get some of my thoughts out there on where the franchise has been and talk about some of my favorite aspects.  When inspiration strikes me (and it often does to talk Bond!), I’ll continue posting some of my thoughts right here on Random...

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