Author: Derek Beebe

Movie Review: Now You See Me 2

NYSM2 is a solid and interesting follow up to the original, though not quite as successful. There’s nothing wrong with it per se; the worst complaint I could levy against it is that it’s a little repetitive in its structure and villains, and lacks a jaw dropping plot twist like the original had.

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REVIEW: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Just in case you think I’ll like anything, I did not like this movie.  I was not a huge fan of the first one.  It certainly had some impressive visuals, but they were also extremely cartoonish CGI.  And the story just wasn’t that interesting.  It was a very vanilla Narnia / kiddie LOTR.  Unfortunately the sequel is considerably worse.  The entire premise of the movie is boring.  I don’t care about the Mad Hatter feeling depressed or his tragic past with his family.  It’s not even silly fun the way the first one is, it’s surprisingly dark and serious. ...

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